15 Situations Your Man Doesn’t Like To Be In Ever!

By- Shreya Sharma

Sometimes things are just going smooth and perfect and your boyfriend calls it a quit, leaving you in a state of despair and sadness and utter confusion. It takes you a long while to sulk in what really happened and to figure out what went wrong because things were perfect for you. But this definition of perfect might not be the same for your boyfriend because, in this illusion, you might have done certain things that do not please your boyfriend. Here are 15 situations your man doesn’t like to be in ever!

  1. Putting your friends first always

Your man wants to be your priority and not your second option. Having friends while being in a relationship is important but this does not mean that you put your man on the second spot always. He will wonder his value in your life and he will not like you for this.


  1. Holding on to things

Nobody is perfect. The way you make mistakes, your man too. But if you hold on to his every error and bring them up every now and then, then it will disturb the growth of your relationship. Bringing past issues will make it hard for you both to move forward in your relationship and he will not like you for this.

  1. If his friends hate you

Your man’s friend were in his life long before you entered, so they will only wish the best for him if they are not selfish. If his friends dislike you, they will warn your man about you. He might ignore these warnings for a while, but these will certainly plant in his head and he might end up disliking you. Or if he happens to choose you over his friends, he will end up with the feeling of resentment which is also not good for your relationship.

  1. When things are always negative

No one wants to be around negative people as it is emotionally exhausting to be with someone who sees the worst in every situation. If you are negative in every situation and feels sorry for yourself always, then he is not going to like you at all.


  1. Having different values

Politics and religion might appear to be not so important issues, but when you are in a relationship, you talk about things and these certainly become very big issues as it reflects your outlook on society and life. So, if you have contrasting values and opinion, this might make him dislike you.

  1. If his family hates you

His family has been an important part of his life and they have cared for him since forever, so they will only want the best for their child and he will value their opinion. So, if they hate you or think that he can do better without you, then their opinion will strongly affect him and make him dislike you eventually.

  1. When you both want different things

This majorly happens because of lack of communication. You might have started thinking about your future with him and he just considers you as a friend with benefits or might be he is still dealing with the breakup with his ex. When you want different things, this might make him dislike you to call things off.


  1. Breaking his trust

When you are in a relationship, trust eventually grows. But if you act jealous always, it shows that you do not trust him- which makes him not trust you. If you are so insecure to become a spy and check his phone, social media and other personal things- he will dislike you.

  1. Moving too fast

Day dreaming about your kids with your man and their names is surely going to scare the hell out of your man if you have just entered into the relationship. This is sure to make him dislike you.

  1. When you do not give him personal space

You might be in love with him so much that he is the only thing you want. You want his time to be yours only. You have been so clingy that you have started suffocating him and prevent him from living his own life the way he wants to live it. If you take away his freedom, he will prefer to lose you.


  1. A third person

If your man has fallen for someone else, then this is sure going to make him dislike you and call things off. It is hard to love someone who has fallen for someone else. But you should be happy that he actually accepted this instead of putting you in veils.

  1. Too much of drama

Man do not like too much of drama or a woman who is too high-maintenance. If you bring in the drama one after other in his life, he is not going to like you for this and will run away from you.

  1. When you are not the one

If your man has the instinct that you are not the one for him and you are not meant to be together, he may choose to follow that instinct and will eventually dislike you.


  1. He is not happy

When your guy is unhappy in the relationship, it can be hard to put his finger on what exactly is wrong. That’s usually because there were a bunch of little things that added up over time. Maybe you weren’t who he thought you were, or your relationship wasn’t what he hoped for. Whatever the reason, he just wants to end things now before things get more serious than they already are.

  1. Cheating on him

If you have been with someone else or have feelings for someone else, he will leave you the moment he knows about it. If you have cheated on your man, then there is something that your relationship is not providing you with and it is better you find it out before planning to hurt him again.


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