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15 Irresistible Things Guys Do That Totally Steals Your Heart!

By- Shreya Sharma

Men are not what they look like. They are not that hard and rough as they appear. They can melt your heart down in a way that you just wish to hug them tight enough to crack their bones and bring out their hidden soft personality. They love, care and make you smile in million ways. You know how being with the right guy makes you feel safe and happy. Sometimes, all you have to do is sit and watch their sweet subtle actions and feel your heart thumping with happiness and pride. Here are 15 irresistible things guys do that totally steals your heart.

1. When they pull you back in bed and your head just fits at the right place making you intoxicate with their heartbeat and cologne.


2. It is special when they are a little nervous and a lot of honest while saying something super sweet.

3. When they without even asking, takes off their coat and wrap it around you so that you do not feel cold.

4. When they cry over something or for you. Their tears are enough to make us melt over them.


5. When they go on shopping with you or cook for you, making you wanna hug them tight and never let go.

6. When they honestly admit their mistakes and shortcomings.

7. When they play with kids or animals or hold babies or talk about future kids and their names.


8. When they stare and smile at you while you are talking and simply plant a kiss out of nowhere. This just feels awesome.

9. When they enjoy something that they have never done, only because it makes you happy.

10. When they calm you down and ask you not to worry because they are there for you.


11. When they get frustrated over smallest of things like not being able to fix a bulb.

12. When they are confident but not cheeky about themselves.

13. When they say comforting things while they pull you in their arms to make you feel comfortable.


14. When they respect a woman and talk about her for reasons other than her beauty and appearance.

15. When they love you for who you are. This makes you want to love them more.


Source – Giphy, Tumblr

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