8 Things About Relationship You Shouldn’t Tell Your BFF!

By- Shreya Sharma

Our BFF is our solace and happy place. A single problem and we run to them. Sure this is why they are your BFF because you have their shoulder to cry on or comfort you.  But not everything about your relationship should be shared with your BFF. Here are the things you should not tell your BFF about your relationship.

  1. Sex

Do not share your sex life in detail with your BFF. Do not tell them about the kinks your BF has or what fetish you tried this time. They will never be able to see your boyfriend in the same manner as they used to do.

  1. Fights

It is okay to share with your BFF if you had fight with your SO but do not share the specific details about it until and unless you want an honest opinion from them.

  1. Financial issues

You can talk about your financial problems with your BFF but do not share the details about your SO’s finance and money. This is one sensitive issue and not everyone is comfortable talking about it in general.

  1. Your SO’s problem

You can share your problems with your friends but not your SO’s problem. They have complete right to share it with the ones they are close with.

  1. Cheating

If someone has cheated on you and you have dumped them, you are free to share it with your friends. But if your partner has cheated on you and you are trying to work things out, do not tell it to your friends because they love you and will never forgive your partner.

  1. Your partner’s past

You need not to tell your friends that some girl broke your partner’s heart, or if he had troubled childhood or if there was some embarrassing moment in his life. It will trouble your relationship if they ever accidentally bring it up.

  1. Complaints about your partner

Your friends only get to know about your side of story and if you are constantly complaining about your partner, your friends will start looking at them in negative light and will encourage you to breakup.

  1. Suspicions

Sure when you doubt your partner to be cheating on you, you will share it with your friends for advice and help. If they are found innocent, you will accept that and move on but your friends will always have that pinch of suspicion on them always.

Source –  Tumblr

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