17 Amazing Ways You Can Set The Mood For The Sexy Night!

By- Shreya Sharma

Usually, men are always in the mood, but there are times when they are occupied with things and we have to get them in the mood. Whatever is the case, putting in a little effort to make him smile and set the right mood for a romantic night has never hurt anyone. Put in your efforts to seduce him if you have time and energy, it is sure to make him feel special. Here are 17 amazing ways you can set the mood for the romantic night.

  1. Romantic music

Music can set the right mood for any situation, so choose some sensual tunes and begin the fun.


  1. Rose petals on bed

Sprinkle some rose petals on your bed and he will get the clue and know what you really want.

  1. A gift

Buy him a little gift and he will love it. Sex will be just his way to say thank you.

  1. A massage

Ask him to lay down, use your hands and give him a sensual massage.


  1. A porn

If you are comfortable, then porn can set your mood right. Watch an adult content video together.

  1. Aphrodisiacs

Buy some strawberries, cherries, and watermelon and feed him with these. This will get his body into lovemaking mood.

  1. Candles

Turn off the lights and have sex under the lights of candles. Place them away from your bed so that you can avoid any mishap.


  1. A board game

Play a sexy board game to tease him. By the end of the game, you both will be turned on to have one amazing night of sex.

  1. Make him a drink

He will be happy when you make a drink for him; be it a wine or beer.

  1. Whisper

Use your sexy voice to your advantage and whisper something dirty into his ear.


  1. Clean the room

No one wants to have sex on the bed that has dirty clothes and snacks wrapper all over. Clean the room so that you can use it.

  1. Sexting

Send him naughty texts when he is at work and by the time you see each other, you both will be ready for sex.

  1. Lingerie

To turn him on, the easiest way is to wear your sexiest lingerie! This is sure to turn him on.


  1. Close the windows

You do not want your neighbors to peep in. Close the curtains, windows, and blinds of your room or the place you decide to have sex.

  1. Watch a romantic movie

Put a romantic movie and you will start smooching in no time.

  1. Keep the kids and pet out of room

Make sure your kids are asleep and pets are in other room because you do not want anything to interrupt you in between.

  1. Kiss him

Kiss your man and he will realize that sex is on your mind and it will be on his mind as well.


Source – Giphy, Tumblr

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