9 Lip Color Every Woman Should Try At least Once!

Given the number of lipstick brands in the universe and the sea of colors from which you can choose, we all have been so confused as to which color to choose. Some lipstick shades are either universally accepted, or others are unique enough to make us stop and think: can I actually get away with wearing that? 9 lip color you should try at least once.

  1. Black Honey

It’s the most perfect cross between deep raisin and bright berry you’ve ever seen. Try it because it’s every ’90s girl’s favorite lipstick and no other shade will ever complement this well.

  1. Brave Red

This is my personal favorite. Everyone needs a red lipstick they can trust on. Imagine sudden 10 p.m. party on a Friday and you have nothing to wear. This will boost up any look.

  1. Medieval shade

Medieval shade provides a sheer and sexy red stain that looks great on everyone but in a more subtle and quieter way.

  1. Bumble

Everyone will be buzzing when you wear this dusty warm terracotta. It is earthy enough to suit all occasions and suits so many skin types you’ll realize you’ve just found the perfect holiday gift.

  1. Hot Pink

Hot pink with is a classic with a slightly neon finish, one that makes the same impact as a bright red, but is more forgiving on pale skin types.

  1. Warm nude pink

a warm nude pink with a sheer and shiny finish should be a must have in every girl’s beauty box.

  1. Barbeque

Though this color is too different from others but one should give it a try.

  1. Le fuchsia

It is also one of the most vibrant, but wearable, slightly-more-purple-than-pink hues on the market. Its buildable formula allows you to take things slowly at first with a violet wash until you’re ready to increase the volume and go all-out purple

  1. Rebel

Try this somewhat different color to add some spunk.

Image source – maccosmeticsamazon

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