13 Things Men Do That Totally Gets Us In Mood!

By- Shreya Sharma

We know it does not take too much of efforts on our part to turn a guy on. It is rare that we have to put in some additional efforts. But for guys, it is one big task. But we like it when guys put a little of their efforts to turn us on intentionally or accidentally. A little of efforts are enough to melt our heart. Few simple things can get us into the mood. Here are 13 things men do that totally gets us in the mood.

  1. Looking into our eyes

Our eyes are the window to our soul, so we can easily communicate through our eyes without saying a single word. An intense eye-locks works wonder to get us in the mood.


  1. Rubbing our neck

It is sensuous and cute when a guy rubs the tip of their nose lightly against their neck. It is erotic, tingly feeling.

  1. Workout in front of us

It is too much for us to handle, to watch our man working out with all nerves tensed up and sweat slowing trickling down his body.

  1. Surprise BACK HUGS!

This is special because it comes out of nowhere. We love this warm, comfortable feeling we have when we are wrapped in our man’s arms.


  1. Spooning

When a guy initiates cuddling being the bigger spoon, there are higher possibilities that it will get us in the mood.

  1. Poetry

Poetry is a great way to declare your love, so when a guy recites it for us, we cannot ask for more.

  1. Foot massage

Giving a foot massage is an art which takes time and practice to get it right. A good sensual relaxing massage can easily turn us on.


  1. Supporting us

When a man supports us through thick and thin, it is enough to melt our heart.

  1. Paying attention

We want the guy to be attentive to everything we ever said. It shows their interest and is a big turn on for us.

  1. Gently kissing on lips

Gently kissing our lips and slowly pulling away midway, makes us intrigued and want more.


  1. By Smelling great

How a person smells can affect our mood as we associate smell with our mood. If a guy smells good, then it is easy to get us in the mood.

  1. Being a nice human being

Playing with dogs, helping someone who isn’t as fortunate as he is, volunteering to babysit his sister’s little daughter. It’s the little things that make a person who he is and kindness really turns us on.

  1. Cooking for us

Even if it does not taste good, but putting efforts to prepare a meal for us is enough to turn us on.


Source – Giphy, Tumblr

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