10 Signs that shows he is in love with you

He loves me, he loves me not. Being in love with someone and not being sure if they love you back is the scariest thing in the world. So here are 10 signs that show he is in love with you or not.

  1. He brings you flowers and chocolates for no reason. Everyone knows that we girls really love surprises especially when they are of chocolates and flowers.


  1. He wants you to hang out with his friend. This might be bit awkward but he really wants you to be around.


  1. He wants to know you are safe, don’t roll your eyes, there is a genuine concern in “you are home?” text.


  1. He cancels his plans for you.


  1. He teases you. He’ll keep making fun of you in a way to make you laugh.


  1. He remembers every little conversation you both had. The time you babbled about your lipstick preferences, he pays attention all the time and helps you to buy the right ones of your choice.


  1. He puts his phone away when you are around. Phones can be annoying sometimes. He will always make sure that no one is there to disturb not even phones.


  1. He will keep trying to express his emotions. This can be difficult for him. Ignore all the uncomfortable pauses and shiftings, because what he is saying might be very sweet.


  1. He saves every gift you ever gave him. He saves every card , note or even flower you ever gave him, heck he even have a wrapping paper of your first gift exchange.


  1. He love showing off your achievements.


Skadoosh guys!

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